Rowdy Cowlick Chainstitch Embroidery

Rowdy Cowlick

Rowdy Cowlick is the brainchild of Hilary J. Corts. 

Each Rowdy Cowlick piece is created on a hand-operated, non-digitized, vintage chainstitch embroidery machine. Working on this kind of machine allows me to create one-of-a-kind pieces while drawing on components of my other artistic practices. My work is meant to be enjoyed both on a wall and on a garment, whichever suits you best! Custom work is available. It is my honor to collaborate with clients to create unique treasures that combine artist and collector. 

As the daughter of a contemporary quilter, I became very comfortable with sewing machines at an early age and was encouraged to pursue any project I could dream up. I hung out in quilt shops and my mother's sewing room, amongst the mountains of colorful fabric and thread. My mother fostered not only a love for fibers, but a passion for using my hands for creation as well. While experimenting with a variety of mediums, I fell in love with photography. I went on to receive a BFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts. After a decade of making work in New York and traveling the country with musicians, I moved to Chicago. There I was introduced to hand embroidery by a friend. The concept of "painting" with thread enraptured me, especially as I was never much of a painter anyway. Working by hand reinvigorated my love for slowness and detail, and ultimately led me to chainstitch embroidery.